Topo-Graphica: on drawing, mapping, and subjectivity


This book unfolds as an accordion: text on one side, image on the other.


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Bronwen Payerle draws details of herself across the length of paper to yield an image of the land. Text and image work to synthesize the constructivist/essentialist debate and together they carve an ethics of ourselves-in-the-world.

Pages: 25 numbered pages of poetry and short fiction, annotated in 55% grey text on 100% rag paper, archival inks. Verso extends to a 22 foot original drawing by the artist.
Limited Edition: 10 copies (+2 APs) signed and numbered by the artist on the final page.
ISBN: 978-0-9736853-4-3
Publication date: April 2008
Size: 9” H X 6” W X 1.06” D