flask is a micro press created by Lynda Gammon and dedicated to the production and distribution of artist book projects. Working closely with artists and writers in the design and realization of each project, particular attention is paid to the book as a material object.



flask is currently working with artist Jim Holyoak on the production of an artist book titled ‘Book of 19 Nocturnes’. This will be a 500-page, 9.5” x 13.5”, lettered edition. Each of the hardbound, linen covers will be hand-painted by the artist. The book’s 19 chapters contain reproductions of graphite drawings, watercolours, ink-paintings, and collaged text, most of which were developed while Holyoak travelled (often trekking) throughout Scandinavia, British Columbia and the Himalayas.

‘Book of 19 Nocturnes’ is an inter-genre epic that does not fall into a comfortable category of graphic novel, illustrated fairy tale, noctuary, dream diary, field journal or prose poem, though it has aspects of all of these. It is akin to an illuminated manuscript or a grimoire – a magic book – meant to be read over the course of 19 nights. Echoing the genres of painterly and musical nocturnes, Holyoak’s book is driven by its ambient, nighttime setting – a realm populated with wandering monsters.

Jim Holyoak’s discipline consists of drawing and writing, book arts and room-sized drawing installations. He has attended artist residencies in New York, Mumbai, Los Angeles, Banff, Finland, Iceland, England, the Netherlands and throughout Norway. Holyoak has exhibited across North America and Europe. He lives and works in Nelson, BC.im Holyoak’s discipline consists of room-sized drawing installations, book arts and ink-painting. He has attended artist residencies in New York, Banff, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, and throughout Norway. Holyoak has exhibited across North America and Europe. He lives and works in Nelson, BC.


lostfoundsound BY ALISON BIGG

flask is also currently working with artist Alison Bigg on the production of an artist book titled ‘lostfoundsound’’. Alison is in the process of making 8 boxed sets with an edition of 8 hybrid prints and one 3-D prints in each. The hybrid prints consist of solar plate etchings of the sculptures, pronto lithography prints of American Sign Language diagrams, blind embossing and spray painted stencils.

“Over the last few years I have been experiencing severe hearing loss due to otosclerosis. Initially a means to document and grieve this loss lostfoundsound has evolved into a work about the importance of communication and listening. It is about the tools needed to amplify our listening, but also to slow down enough to grasp what is truly important.”

Alison Bigg is an interdisciplinary artist who speaks about the senses, how we listen but don’t always hear the overload of information in this time. She makes figurative tools to help with experiencing the senses more fully. Alison works with found objects, ceramics, printmaking and installation. She graduated from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, took an Independent Studies year at Victoria School of Art and is now working full time in her studio on the traditional territories of the Lkwungen peoples, also known as Victoria, BC.