Allen Bell is a poet whose books include: The Simon Poems, A Motley To The View, Thy Harry’s Company, Puppet Poems, Ma Vie Va S’achever and A Hated Political Enemy. Bell has collaborated with the Canadian film director, Atom Egoyan, on the screenplays of Family Viewing, Speaking Parts, The Adjuster, and The Sweet Hereafter (nominated for Best Screenplay, Academy Awards).

“Few, if any poems, have given me as much pleasure as yours.”
Irving Layton

“The economic measured presentation of abundant searing material is most impressive.”
J.H. Alexander

“His poetry sandblasts the brain and bleaks the emotions …. Here poetry becomes a wildcat virus, implanted directly into the emotional bloodstream through the sheer aesthetic beauty of the language but only really reactivated later when the the impossible meanings of the text slip their way into consciousness.”
Arthur Kroker

“Allen Bell has worked on many of my feature films …. His contribution to the success of these films has been extraordinary …. Allen is a masterful poet …an astonishing emotional range. “
Atom Egoyan

ISBN: 978-0-9736853-9-8
Publication date: September 2009
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291 pages, glossy cover.