The lenticular image swirls and shifts colour as the cover is opened. This is Alexander’s vision of the planet Bruno Taut called “Grotto Star”. Compressing the earth into unique forms, opening up new and unexpected vistas, we are asked to look up and down at the same time, complicating our understanding of terra firma. Inside, Alexander’s images of postcards, collected while traveling, are juxtaposed in identical reversed pairs. Viewing and consuming nature as mass produced imagery, these photographs are long since removed from first hand experience. Copied, reproduced, scanned, and re-printed these grainy images create an uneasy threshold between nature and its simulacra. Reflecting a desired and imagined relationship with nature, this artist book builds on Alexander’s ongoing work which explores our escapism into representation.

Vikky Alexander is an artist living and working in Vancouver. Since the 1980’s, Vikky Alexander’s art practice has expanded the medium of photography into the areas of sculpture, installation and digital media. She has had solo exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout North America and Europe and her work can be found in numerous public collections throughout North America.

Sold Out

Title: Grotto Star
Artist: Vikky Alexander
Limited Edition: 20 copies (+2 APs) signed and numbered by the artist on the final page.
ISBN: 978-0-9736853-7-4
Publication date: August 2008
Size: 19.25” H X 13.25 W X .5” D
Pages: 22 pages 100% cotton rag paper, archival ink. 20 colour giclee prints of postcard collage works created by Alexander.
Cover: Cloth covered hard bound book each with its own unique 8”X 10” lenticular image created by Alexander.