FREAKOUT (Temporal Bodies)

Luanne Martineau re-works each cover of FREAKOUT, grafting polymorphous forms from grey and coloured fleece onto the existing industrial grey felt surface. Abject and beautiful, these parasitic swellings, bruises, organic and decorative forms now invade and adorn the cover. Inside, the densely sandwiched texts are transplants from a range of history. German surrealist Hannah Hoch, Oscar Wilde, the British novelist Angela Carter and philosopher/theorist Georges Bataille, are intertwined with documentary photographs from the U.B.C. Architecture Department and images of the artist’s recent work. Carefully guiding this complex mix in and out of delinquency and comedy, these recombined images and texts alter the meaning of both, re-editing historical and ideological understandings. FREAKOUT (temporal bodies) is a hybrid form, not catalogue not sculpture, but an artist’s book of Martineau’s own conception.

Luanne Martineau was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, the Alberta College of Art and Design, and at the University of British Columbia where she completed her M.F.A. She is a multimedia artist who has exhibited both nationally and internationally with major works recently acquired for the collections of the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, and Montreal’s Musée d’art Contemporain.

Felted wool cover of Freakout.
Luanne Martineau

Sold Out

(Temporal Bodies)
Artist: Luanne Martineau
Limited Edition: 20 copies (+2 APs) signed and numbered by the artist on the first page.
ISBN: 0-9736853-3-6
Publication date: April 2007
Size:9.25” H X 12.25
Pages: 64 pages 100% rag paper, giclee prints, archival ink. 48 colour plates including recent images of work by the artist and documentary images and text from the University of British Columbia Architecture Department Archives. Included are re-printed texts from Hannah Höch (1920), Angela Carter (1979 ), Oscar Wilde (1920), Georges Bataille (1903), Mierle Laderman Ukeles (1969) and selected quotations from Louise Bourgeois (1998), and Woody Allen (1971).
Cover: Industrial felt (100% wool cover) with hand punch felted additions by the artist. Screen-printed with cream design and red glitter ink lettering. Each cover is individually sewn and bound to the book by the artist.