Bride Machine

Christine Walde’s Bride Machine is a limited edition artist multiple composed of 14 folios of poetry with original artwork in a custom-made clamshell box, inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s iconic Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even, also known as the Large Glass. Composed of single broadsides, transparencies, chapbooks, and other printed works, each folio in Bride Machine is both a disruption and meditation on the act of reading, challenging readers’ assumptions about the codex and the ephemeral nature of the archive through the counter-narrative of its hinged, folded, coiled, bound and stapled elements. Part amuse-bouches, part observation, Bride Machine is also a rigorous interrogation of desire, the fourth dimension, conceptual poetics, and the emancipation of Duchamp’s Bride from her apotheosis of virginity.

Christine Walde is a writer, artist and librarian whose work combines library and archival research with interests in experimental prose, poetry, visual poetry, performance, and the visual arts. She lives and works in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Christine Walde gives a tour of Bride Machine
Christine Walde reads excepts from Bride Machine

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Artist: Christine Walde
Limited Premium Edition: 10 copies Signed and numbered by the artist.
Publication date: June 2018

14 folios of poetry in addition to 2 original artworks are contained within a white cloth-bound clamshell portfolio box. Giclee, laser and letterpress are printed on stocks that include cotton rag, glossy, parchment, transparencies and silver papers. From 2 to 12 pages, the smallest book is 4.25” X 6” and the largest is 11.25” X 13”. Folio construction methods include; staple binding, cotton taped hinging, accordion folding and coil binding. In addition, each box contains a unique sculptural work constructed of three glass pieces with text affixed to the surface and a silver tape drawing on canvas panel.