Simon & Farfenougan & Hunter

In keeping with his passion for mashing up pop culture, Chris Millar’s, Simon & Farfenougan & Hunter brings together an overwhelming array of visual, audio and textual information making this multiple/album/book yet another of Millar’s elaborately obsessive and excessive projects.

“This 1963 gem features Simon & Farfenougan’s only performance with obscure Nunavut scuzz-metal front-man, Dave “The Iron Horse” Hunter. Amazingly, this scarce album was originally traded as ransom for Hunter and then girlfriend Becca Arnst in an abduction scandal that rocked the folk rock world. Hunter and Arnst were abducted by Bismuthians in retaliation for Simon and Farfenougan using Bismuthian mating calls in the original recording. The entire pressing was turned over for Hunter and Arnst in an astounding rescue mission, leaving the album un-released to the public until now. In 1993 it was discovered that a portion of the pressings were made as picture disks, all of which were uncovered in a grain elevator in Brooks, Alberta by ham-radio enthusiast and lichen watcher Kevin Baer. Kept under wraps until now, this limited edition of 60 copies have been packaged with rare documentation of Simon and Farfenougan’s early years, their trip to Nunavut and the rescue mission that resulted in the loss of these unusual recordings, considered by many to be the first screw-ball folky-crapola album.”

Chris Millar has recently exhibited in Graphic Visions at the Art Gallery of Regina, and Painting: Thick & Thin, Illingworth Kerr Gallery and the Glenbow Museum. In 2007 he was awarded an honorable mention in the RBC Canadian Painting Competition. Millar has participated in several residencies at the Banff Centre and ThreeWalls, in Chicago. Chris Millar currently lives and works in Chicago.

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Artist: Chris Millar
Limited Edition: 20 copies (+2APs) signed and numbered by the artist.
ISBN: 978-0-9736853-8-1
Publication date: June 2009
Size: 14.75” H X 15” W X .75” D
Description: A phonographic picture disk* and three 13.75” X 13.75” archival giclee prints contained within a printed folio. The record, prints and elaborately designed cover all tell the behind the scenes story of Chris Millar’s fictional creation. Prints, portfolio and end papers all printed with archival inks on 100% cotton rag paper.
Cover: Hardbound cover, each with images printed on front and back created by the artist specifically for the project.
*Picture disks are unique photographic records that have an image laminated to the surface of the vinyl. A phonographic grove is etched on a layer of clear acetate that covers the printed image.