Noam Chomsky smiles. Wow.
Photo credit: Allen Bell

In this rare face-to-face post ‘9-11’ interview, the poet Allen Bell talks to the renowned linguist and political theorist Noam Chomsky in his office at MIT. What emerges is a remarkably detailed and concise entrée into Noam Chomsky’s social and political thought (including Iraq and ‘9-11’), and also into what he has had to endure on the personal level. The question-and-answer interaction is exceedingly interesting, though admittedly somewhat startling and disturbing.

Noam Chomsky has revolutionized the study of linguistics and is one of the world’s most important philosophers and social and political thinkers. He is arguably the modern era’s preeminent public intellectual.
“He is a global phenomenon . . . perhaps the most widely read voice on foreign policy on the planet.”
The New York Review of Books

Allen Bell is the author of The Simon Poems, A Motley To The View, Thy Harry’s Company, Puppet Poems, and Ma Vie Va S’Achever.   “Allen Bell has worked on many of my feature films, including Family Viewing, Speaking Parts and The Sweet Hereafter. His contribution to the success of these films has been extraordinary. Allen is a masterful poet . . . an astonishing emotional range.”
Atom Egoyan

Title: A Hated Political Enemy
ISBN: 0-9736853-0-1
Publication date: June 2005
Size: 9” H X 6” W X .25” D
Description: 54 pages, smythe sewn, glossy cover.

Photo credit: Noam Chomsky